Saturday Shuffle & Friending Meetup @Shibuya


Date / Place

Feb 27, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
GALLERY・CONCEAL・SHIBUYA, 日本、〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1丁目11−3 第一富士商事ビル4F




[ Requirements ]

- To wear a facemask

- To take your temperature at the reception

- Your reservation

- take your contact 

- Alcohol disinfection


About taking measures against covid-19 in offline event オフラインイベントにおける新型コロナウイルスの対策について | Welcome Tokyo

【Must-read 必読】

🎥Event Movie イベントの様子

☆Our Special new system about SHUFFLE☆

Make Friends Shuffle Card :

All attendee will be shuffled by the Shuffle card to same design table with your card. You have 2 times shuffle chance at one Meetup Party. So, you can meet and talk with new super easily! 100% you can meet new people and have fun chat. 他のミートアップに参加した際、ずっと同じ人とだけ話し続けてしまい、”100人以上いるのに2.3人と話して帰った!”経験はないですか? このシャッフルシステムで100%新しい人と楽しく話せます☆

☆SHUFFLE TIME→18:15 & 19:00☆

Do you want to enjoy SATURDAY NIGHT properly? Hoping to make new friends in Tokyo? Then, this is the right event for you! Come meet new people, have a chat while sharing a drink, make new friends and network in Tokyo! Come share your travel stories with us! ;)

【Event Schedules of ALLすべてのイベントスケジュール】

We provide some games for enjoying yourself at the event.

◯Possible activities include...




④Language topics cards(for shy people)

About Music

Comfortable BGM by House and popular Pop music mix. music volume is not rude and its fitting for our conversation.

We supply wristbands (with your name as a name tag) so you can easily find our members in the venue.

◯The venue :

"Gallery Conceal" is a hidden cafe & bar in Shibuya. Its really Beautiful and cool venue. Wall, Ceiling, floor are visually white color. So, special place for Meetup.

It's a cozy place so you can spend relaxing moment. This location is pretty close from Shibuya station.

☆ALL Drinks are 500yen.

☆☆Store give us WelcomeTokyo Meetup member only discount !☆☆

※ALL Drinks 500YEN For you! ← From 650-1000YEN drinks

Drinks :

Beers, Vodka base, Gin Base, Cassis Base, Tequila Base, Redbull mix Base, Several kind of Shots, Jagermeister cocktails, Whiskey Base Rum Base, of course Soft Drinks

◯Start time 17:30 - Closing time 20:00

・17:30 - 17:45 Sign up & Get drinks

We supply wristbands so you may find our members easily.

・17:45 - 19:45 Chat and make new friends

This bar is standing style, so you can easily move around to talk with a lot of people.

・19:45 - 20:00 Closing time

【 Details 】

◯Place: Gallery Conceal Shibuya *Address: 4F 第一富士商事-Building, 1-11-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo  (map)

◯Meetup Fee

◆Non-Japanese & Japanese woman : 500 yen

◇Japanese man : 1,000yen

.※Drink is not included, Please buy at store.

*No reservation - entrance fee plus 500yen

*Drink is NOT included, so please order at least 1 drink when you arrive.

*Please show your reservation page at the reception.


*We don't have change, so please pay exact change.


Please come to the venue directly. It's 4 minutes from JR Shibuya Station.

【Precautions for participation参加前の注意事項 必読】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】


土曜の夜はいろんな国の人たちと楽しく過ごしませんか?海外のリアルな文化を知りたい方、気楽に友達を作りたい方、英語やその他言語を勉強中の方、とにかく楽しい時間を過ごしたい方、 雰囲気最高のカフェ&バーでいろんな国の人たちと楽しく飲みながら話しましょう☆



◯場所:Gallery Conceal 渋谷 *住所:東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-11-3 第一富士商事ビル4F (map)


◇Non-Japanese&日本人女性: 500円




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