Sat, Feb 27 | Nezu Shrine

Tokyo old town "Yanesen" Photo Walk Trip

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Date / Place

Feb 27, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Nezu Shrine, 日本、〒113-0031 東京都文京区根津1丁目28−9


Do you know "Yanesen"?

Yanesen means Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi—three of the neighborhoods that make up shitamachi, Tokyo's old downtown—retain their last-century charm. You can find history and slip back in time to a slower-paced, more genteel Tokyo. Explore some of Tokyo's older neighborhoods to get a dose of traditional Japan without leaving the center of the city.



[ Requirements ]

- To wear a facemask

- To take your temperature at the reception

【Must-read 必読】

Pick up point on 14:30

Main entrance of Nezu shrine *It's 5minutes from Nezu station No.1 exit.

Nezu-shrine; one of most popular shrine in Tokyo


・14:30 pickup at the pick up pint.(no Delay plz)

preparation and sign up

・14:20- 14:30 Gathering and Self introduction each other.

・14:35 start to walk to the famous shrine area is really big and event host will guide for you.

・14:45 - 15:10 Start a photo shooting.

Event host explain how to take picture at the each shooting location.

・15:15 Start to walk to 2nd location

・15:30 - 15:55 2nd location

・16:00 walk to 3rd location :

・16:00 -16:30 Group picture. Socializing time and show picture to member and explain your photos how did you take them 

how was the setting. also exchange contact tool.

Drinking place and just grab a cup of drink if you want to go together.

About Camera

Pro photographer teach are teach you how to take photo with Christmas lighting if you want. Plz just bring your smart phone or standard Camera.

Lets take memorable real Christmas market Picture.


plz join if you are applicable below

・If you have Smart phone or Camera

・If you like photo shooting

・If you want explore something new in the city

・if you want to know a Tips of photo

・If you want to make friends of photo lover in Tokyo

・if you want to walk in the beautiful city

・If you want nice opportunity to take picture and Socializing








Our Shooting target

・Daytime/Sunset View of Town

・Object in the Town

・Street food if you


About Portrait model(ポートレートについて) :

※We give you a free for meetup fee. So plz DM to me KENTAROH before event start(only for Women).


Anyone can be a model. If you want to be a model on the event, plz notice to event host.

About equipment

・bring one camera or smart phone minimum.

※if you want slow shutter speed photo or shooting nice photo at darkness location, plz bring your tripod. Of course you do 

not need to bring it if you put camera on the horizontal ground.

【Details 】

※come to pick up point. also plz comment on event page if you gonna be late for pick up time.

・Meetup fee: 1000YEN

・All ladies : 500YEN

・Photo portrait model lady's fee is FREE (photographer use it on their SNS)


①Photograph instruction, ②Guiding, ③Equipment to show how to use them in case you need a help at difficult shooting situation. Equipment for attendee is not included.

〇Not included

Any drink and food

Photos need to be used for personal use only, no commercial use.

【Precautions for participation 参加前の注意事項 必読】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】






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