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British pub HUB Takadanobaba

Tok­yo Local Drinks Meetup @­Takadanobaba British Pub

Tokyo Local Drinks Meetup with Internationals (Free chicken&vegetable🍗) You can meet local people, drink with new friends, talk in Japanese, make local networking. おいしいチキン&チップスや野菜スティックを食べながら、楽しい時間を過ごせるフレンドリーな国際交流パーティー☆

Sorry, this event’s reservation was already closed.
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Tok­yo Local Drinks Meetup @­Takadanobaba British Pub

Date / Place

2019年8月20日 19:10 – 22:00

British pub HUB Takadanobaba, 日本、〒169-0075 東京都新宿区高田馬場1丁目27−3 ニュー竹宝ビルB1F


🎥Event Movieイベントの様子

Do you want to have Real Tokyo Local Friends & Tokyo locals networking? Do you want relaxing time after work or School? Do you want to speak Japanese more? Do you want to make new friends ? Let's drink & eat foods & Play Games & have fun Chat☆ 外国人の友達はたくさん欲しいですか??火曜日の夜に気軽に参加出来てお腹のたまるワイワイできる場所はありますか?ゲームをしたり、楽しい会話をしたりお酒を飲んだり、楽しい時間を過ごしましょう☆東京をベースに生活するローカルな人達及び世界中を飛び回る旅行者の外国人と繋がりたいですか? 英語をもっと話したいですか?

Many people come to join meetup who are living in Tokyo and working in Tokyo of Foreigner and JAPANESE. also Traveler and another province people who likes Tokyo. OF COURSE, You can come if you are just interesting in!

〇Specials & Games

・FREE chicken

・FREE Fries,chips

・FREE Fresh vegetables

・Jenga Game,

・UNO Game,


・Communication category card to help your communication

《Special Campaign; 500yen for All Woman!!50% of Guys Fee !》全ての女性は男性の50%OFF無料のフライドチキン、フライドポテト、フレッシュベジタブルが食べられます。

※Free Foods : We will provide about 1-3 times at Meetup(Around 20:00PM & 20:40PM & 21:10PM)

※Please RSVP予約してください。

Show us the reservation page at the reception予約ページを受付で見せてください。(No Reservation: Plus 500Yen or Can not join)☆☆

♪♪ Discount, campaign Information by Line キャンペーン配信♪♪


【Event Schedules of ALLすべてのイベントスケジュール】

It will become good time to meet nice people, make new international friends, exchange culture, find person have same hobbies and build great relationship. And also it's included FREE delicious food; chicken&chips and fresh vegetables, so NO worries if you're hungry after work or study!

【The venue】

"HUB" is most populer British pub in Tokyo. In addition, this location is very useful, because it's just 2 minute from TAkadanobaba station!

We have a reservation for our attendees at the most busy British pub in Tokyo. It's only 2 minutes from the station. There are many kind of drinks and very reasonable price! Drinks start ¥400 & Food start ¥350!!!

(Time Table)

19:30 - 19:45 Sign up & Get drinks

We prepare wrist band and name tag for easy to find out members and their name.

19:45 - 21:50 Free chatting with new friends

This event is standing style party, so you can easly move around and talk with a lot of ppl. And also there are some chairs, so you can use them if you get tired. We'll set food from 19:45.

21:50 - 22:00 Closing time

Our reservation will finish at 22:00. In case that you stay longer after the event, please leave the pub once & re-entry with your friends as regular customer.

You can join us ANYTIME! But if you make friends as much as possible, you had better come early and food is limited!

No worries even if you can't speak Japanese or English☆ We'll prepare some card games:)


・Meeting point & time : Waseda Exit of ticket gate of JR Takadanobaba station 7:10pm and 7:20pm

We'll be wiating for you with sign "Welcome Tokyo" and "MEETUP" at Waseda Exit of JR Takadanobaba station (out of the ticket gate)

・Party time : 19:30 - 22:00

・Entrance Fee

◆Woman : 500yen(Campaign)

◇Man : 1000yen

(included : FREE food and equipment of the event)

・Place : HUB Takadanobaba *Address: 1-27-3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo (map)

There are 2 HUB in Takadanobaba. Our venue is BIG one.


If you come to HUB store directly, please come to venue after 7:25pm. We can not use a space before 7:30pm. It's contract between company each.

※Basically please COME TO MEETING POINT and go to the venue together.

*Drink is NOT included. Plz order your own drink when you arrive the venue. The volume of food is limited.


Do NOT accept the persuasion of religion or any network business. Plz adjust alcohol volume for everyone to enjoy.

【Precautions for participation】

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】


国際的な人たちと知り合いたい! 海外のリアルな文化を知りたい!達を作りたい!以前海外に住んでいたが帰国後英語を話す機会が少なくなった!英語やその他言語を勉強中の方、海外旅行を計画中!とにかく楽しい時間を過ごしたい方、大歓迎です☆1人で参加しても楽しめます!もちろん、友達と一緒の参加も大歓迎!

Starting 19:30 - Closing 22:00

駅で待ち合わせ : 19:10-19:20 早稲田口の改札前で「Welcome Tokyo」と「MEETUP」の目印を持ってます。 遅れた場合は、会場に直接来てね!

19:30 - 19:45 受付 & ドリンクを頼む


19:45 - 21:50 Free chatting with new friends


21:50 - 22:00 Closing time




・待ち合わせ場所:高田馬場駅早稲田口 改札前 19:10-19:20PM

・Party:19:30 - 22:00




(FREEフード、イベント用設備等を含む) *ドリンクは含まれていませんので、店についた時点で各自購入してください。フードはなくなり次第、終了です。

・場所:HUB 高田馬場店 B1F *住所:東京都新宿区高田馬場1-27-3、 (map)


【参加前の注意事項 必読】

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