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Language Exchange (English&Nihongo) @Takadanobaba

English & Nihongo Language Exchange You can improve your Japanese skill, make more Japanese friend, learn useful Japanese phrases and get good information about Japan. 英語と日本語でランゲージエクスチェンジ!気軽に英語を聞いたり話したりしましょう!

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Language Exchange (English&Nihongo) @Takadanobaba

Date / Place

2020年2月24日 19:30 – 21:30

HUB高田馬場店, 日本、〒169-0075 東京都新宿区高田馬場1丁目27−3 ニュー竹宝ビルB1F


 English/日本語 Event's video🎥雰囲気がわかる動画をcheck! 

Do you want to speak Japanese more in Tokyo? Do you want make new friends in Tokyo? Do you have a place to drink & meet friendly people Where you want to go back ? Would you like to learn new language skill in Japanese and meet local people in Tokyo? This event is for you!



・We provide Fun "Topics Cards" to help your communication. 

・Name tags for making friendship easily 

※Please RSVP予約してください。 

Show us the reservation page at the reception予約ページを受付で見せてください。(No Reservation予約なし: Plus 500Yen or Can not join)☆☆ 

♪ Good news for you ♪ 

Deliver our information of discount, campaign and weekly events' schedule by LINE! LINEでWelcomeTokyoのディスカウント・キャンペーン・定期情報を配信中! LINE : 

【Event Schedules of ALLすべてのイベントスケジュール】 

It's only 2hours... 

For Non-Japanese ; to improve your Japanese skill, make more Japanese friend, get more connections in Japan. 

For travelers ; to learn useful Japanese phrase, meet local people in Tokyo, get good information about places, food, travel and all you need to know about Japan. 

It doesn't matter that you can't speak Japanese or English if you are interested in that;) 

About this event ... 

・Basically 20-40ppl are coming 

・50-60% of the attendees are Non-Japanese 

・Topics card for everyone to speak English 

・Changing seats to give everyone the chance to speak with each others 

At our event there is a schedule of 20 minutes of English conversation followed by 20 minutes of Japanese conversation an so on. 

Starting 19:30〜 closing 21:30 

①English conversation 20 minutes 19:30 19:50 

②Japanese conversation 20 minutes 19:50 20:10 

5minute Break 

③English conversation 20 minutes 20:10 20:30 

④Japanese conversation 20 minutes 20:30 20:50 

5minute Break 

⑤English 15 minutes 

⑥Japanese 10 minutes 21:30 close 

Our reservation will finish at 21:30. In case that you stay longer after the event, please leave the pub once & re-entry with your friends as regular customer. 

【The venue】 We have a reservation for our guests at the most busy British pub in Tokyo. It's only a few minutes from the station. It's a reasonable priced menu, drinks start @ 400yen. 


・Meeting point & time : Waseda exit (out of ticket gate) of JR Takadanobaba station 19:20 and 19:25 

・Party time : 19:30 - 21:30 

・Entrance Fee : 500yen 

・Place : HUB Takadanobaba *1-27-3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo (map) 

*There are 2 HUB in Takadanobaba, and our venue is BIG one. 

・How to join : Click "going" on Facebook or RSVP on meetup in advance. *No reservation is 500yen UP. 

※Important --- If you come to HUB store directly, please come to venue after 7:25pm. We can not use a space before 7:30pm. ※Basically please COME TO MEETING POINT and go to the venue together. *Drink is NOT included, so plz order your drink when you arrive. 

【Directions】 Meeting at JR Takadanobaba station "Waseda Exit" between 19:20 and 19:25. We will leave Takadanobaba station at 19:25 and in 3 minutes walking we will get to the Hub. If you are late please come directly to the Hub. 

【Precautions for participation】 

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】 

〇Welcome Tokyoのランゲージエクスチェンジ 









・待ち合わせ:19:20-19:25 JR高田馬場駅 早稲田口 改札前 19:25にはPubに向かって出発。歩いて2分ほど。 

・会場:HUB 高田馬場店 (map) *大きい方のHUBです。 

・参加費:500YEN 1人につき※参加費とは別にドリンクは必ずオーダーください。 



language exchange time: 19:30 - 21:30 

①英語 20 minute 

②日本語 20 minute 

5 minute Break 

③英語 20 minute 

④日本 20 minute 

5 minute Break 





【参加前の注意事項 必読】 

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