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Yoyogi park

FRI Night Picnic☆Free Hot Wine @Harajuku

What you can experience ・Enjoy picnic and feel relaxing on the grass ・Playing some games while drinking (Jenga, UNO and Trump) ・Meet international people with open-minded and locals in Tokyo ・Get good information about places, food, travel and all you need to know about Japan ・Learn useful other lan

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FRI Night Picnic☆Free Hot Wine @Harajuku

Date / Place

2022年3月25日 19:10 – 21:30 JST

Yoyogi park, 日本、東京都渋谷区神南2丁目1 代々木公園通り


For Quick reception Online attendee list and show the ticket at reception(Plz find same event you attend to.)対象イベントから事前のオンライン参加者リスト記入しチケットをみせてください。早い受付が可能。 

After this Event 21:10~: 

🍷FREE HOT WINE for all at Night Picnic🍷 We give you German style Hot wine! 

What is a Hot Wine?ホットワインは何ですか? 


【Must-read 必読】 

[ Requirements ] 

- To wear a facemask 

- To take your temperature at the reception 

- Your reservation 

- take your contact 

- Alcohol disinfection 


🎥Event Video雰囲気の動画 Free Welcome Hot Wine🍷✨ Have you ever been experienced the night picnic in Tokyo? Do you want to feel relaxing night time with internationals & locals at Yoyogi park? Do you want to make new friends ? We can be relax and have fun time with internationals under the starlight🌟 😉 海外に行かずに海外に来たような雰囲気でリラックスして楽しく国際交流してみませんか🌟?東京で一番の国際交流で、一番のアットホームで安全安心な国際交流に参加し国際的なお友達を作りましょう。 *Please bring your blanket or warm clothes . ↓PICK UP POINT 19:10-19:20 Front of ticket gate of JR Harajuku station "Omotesando Exit". ↓OUR PICNIC LOCATION in Yoyogi park 19:45↓ (map) 

*** You had better come to pick up point if you join this picnic for the first time *** 

*** Please ask organizer "Is this WelcomeTokyo Meetup?" at meeting point or the reception ***  

What you can experience 

・Enjoy picnic and feel relaxing on the grass 

・Playing some games while drinking (Jenga, UNO and Trump) 

・Meet international people with open-minded and locals in Tokyo 

・Get good information about places, food, travel and all you need to know about Japan 

・Learn useful other languages' phrase 

・Output English, Japanese, French and other languages you learned  

About this event 

・You can get 1 welcome free hot wine 

・You can be more relaxing because the location is outdoor and under the starlight 

・You can enjoy playing outside (Frisbee, Twister, Jumping rope...) 

・You just bring some drinks and snacks for you and sharing  

◎About this organizer; Welcome Tokyo 

"Welcome Tokyo" is a community that provides a great opportunity to make a lot of friends and experiences at many events in Tokyo. 

We have over 50K members and usually we've organize more than 100 events every month. 

【Event Schedules of ALL events すべてのイベントスケジュール】 

⚠Reservation required 

Show us the reservation page at the reception. (No Reservation: Entrance fee + 500yen or cannot join)  


・Meeting point : out of JR Harajuku station "Omotesando ticket gate" 18:30-18:45 

・Meetup time : 18:30-20:55 

・Entrance Fee : 

◆Non-Japanese & Japanese woman : 500 yen 

◇Japanese man : 1,000yen 

*No reservation - entrance fee plus 500yen 

・Place: Yoyogi park, Harajuku (map)  

【Precautions for participation 参加前の注意事項 必読】 

【Cancel Policyキャンセルポリシー】 



*** 初めて参加される方はなるべく待ち合わせ場所にきてください。開始後に電話やメールで問い合わせ頂いても対応が難しいです。*** 

*** オーガナイザーにあったら、WelcomeTokyo Meetupか必ず最初に確認ください。***  

Welcome Tokyoのナイトピクニック⭐ 

・1 welcome free hot wine付き 








・待ち合わせ:JR原宿駅表参道改札 外 18:30-18:45 


・場所:代々木公園 (map) 

・参加費:女性500円 外国人500円 日本人男性1000円 (予約なしは参加費+500円) 


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  • Night Picnic Meetup @ YOYOGI


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